Your School’s Secret Tool: Cell Phone Cameras

Photography helps to fill in the gaps between phrases on your website, in a leaflet, or on social networking.
But you already know that, right? It goes without saying that most college marketers understand good photography is essential to your school’s brand and advertising campaigns. Regardless of this, too frequently a school’s ability to possess good photography or videography is hindered due to funding.


However, it does not need to be.
You may not have the way of selecting a professional to come in to take amazing photographs, but you do have a mobile phone, right? Yes, you read that correctly: your mobile phone is your secret advertising tool you’ve been overlooking using. With a few suggestions and a bit of advice, fantastic photography is readily available with our mobile phones that anyone is capable of taking good shots on their own.
Mia Johnstone, marketing consultant and professional photographer with over twelve years of expertise working in private college advertising, recently joined our Content Marketing Manager Mia Major to get a live webinar on the ability Your Cell Phone’s Camera for School Marketing to discuss how you can use your mobile phone for your visual advertising efforts.


Cell Phone Photography 101: It is about Light
To start using your mobile phone for photography and marketing, it’s necessary to first understand how a mobile phone camera really works. One of the most important basics behind how our cell phones take photos is understanding how they utilize light.