Your School’s Secret Marketing Tool Cell Phone Cameras Review

Photography helps to fill in the gaps between phrases on your website, in a brochure, or on social media.
However, you know that, right? It goes without saying that many school marketers know great photography is necessary to your college’s brand and marketing campaigns. Regardless of this, also often a school’s ability to have great photography or videography is hindered due to funding.
But it does not need to be.
You might not have the means of hiring a professional to come in to take incredible photos, but you do have a cell phone, right? Yes, you read that right: your mobile phone is the secret advertising tool you have been missing out on utilizing. With a few tips and a bit of guidance, great photography is easily available with our mobile phones that anybody is capable of taking good shots on their own.
Cell Phone Photography 101: It’s about Light

To start using your cell phone for photography and marketing, it’s necessary to first understand the way the cell phone camera actually works. One of the main basics behind how our cell phones take photographs is understanding how they utilize light.
Below are three examples of how mobile phones read mild and how this may impact the consequence of your mobile phone photos.
In the first photograph, you will see to subject is slightly overexposed. This is as it is taken in direct sunshine. This is not necessarily bad, but bright light can also cause a photo to seem unpleasant.
The next picture is taken with all the light source behind the individual. This is a big photography”dont’!” In the case of this picture, the individual in the picture will look very dark as the mobile phone is reading the light behind the individual.
The next photo is the most ideal situation that you want to have if using your cell phones to take photographs. This photo is taken with”open shade”, allowing more of a milder light and leaves the lighting on the person similar to the background. (So contrary to a popular belief that bright days means better photography, cloudy days generally offer you the best chance of taking photos anywhere on campus!)