Review: What are the advantages of IP WIFI camera NVR?

Should you ask me whether we ought to choose WIFI system over PoE solution in CCTV surveillance job, I would say do not think about the WIFI unless cable is not the good alternative. “The radio is not secure”, people always say to WIFI. Technically, it is not about the’stable’. The WIFI signal will drop down 30-50% after it warms a wall. In case the signal needs to undergo several walls in the scene, the WIFI cameras could face serious signal dropping. Another thing is that the WIFI camera still needs power, it is not really wireless.
What is the worth of WIFI camera NVR? Firstly let’s take a look at the image below. The red spot is the place we’d love to install CCTV camera. The blue region is the empty without facility. With PoE solution, we’d have to be cabling within the skies in the blue area. Those make the installation difficult and ugly. From the open area like the farm or factory, we always could observe the similar sense. The wires need to either go over the sky or underground.
The WIFI camera does not need to be cabling back into the NVR, so no need to deal with the sky cabling here. The transmission distance is not the issue. The WIFI can attain 120 meters space in open location. The challenge is the wall. If we put the WIFI NVR inside the building, the signal should penetrate at least one, two walls prior to coming at the NVR. The sign could be dropping sharply. We can utilize the WIFI receiver to repay this situation. The WIFI receiver is the device which may install out, receive the video from different WIFI IP cameras and return back to an NVR with cable connection. After we set up the WIFI receiver, the wall penetration takes a cable connection instead of wireless signal. The power isn’t the issue in this sense, every building has available power.

WIFI camera NVR

The key to deploy the WIFI camera NVR is trying all possible to avoid the WIFI penetration over the wall. In the aforementioned case, we utilize a receiver. Can we simply move the WIFI NVR outsider to receive the sign? It’s properly not a good idea. The challenging driver will turn into issue after we move the recorder outdoor. The restricted operation temperature of challenging driver is around 55 degree. Data may be dropping, even shorten utilization life when the temperature rise until the limit. That’s why we could see it always has cooling in the information center to control temperature for hard drive. With sun, the warmth will arrive at 55 level very fast inside the NVR.
In the practical application, we could even incorporate both WIFI and PoE with a receiver. The NVR will connect all of the cameras in the network, both from wire or PoE. WIFI camera NVR can remove the cabling deployment from the open region, simply try to prevent wall penetrate. The answer will be functioning fine.