Nikon has started massive cost cutting measures all over the world

Nikon has started massive cost cutting measures all over the world. They already canceled many of their rebates after expecting a significant sales and income drop in the next 12 months.  Here are some of the tips/rumors I have been receiving in the past few days:

→ Nikon laid off almost everyone at Nikon Nordic (Sweden) in oder to centralize their European offices. They only have few sales people left.

→ Update: Nikon also had a big reduction of staff in Brazil (mainly marketing) which is strange given the upcoming Olympic games.

→ Nikon canceled their sales commission program in the US (also know as spiff). Other companies still pay commissions and you can imaging how sales people will now start pushing other brands.

→ More cost cutting: the Nikon Roadshow in Poland got cancelled. Here is the translation:

W’re sorry to announce, that due to the limited availability of our products, we have been forced to take the decision to suspend the meetings as part of the Roadshow. We’re sorry for everyone concerned who were counting on the possibility of testing Nikon’s equipment. We assure you that we will make every effort to resume the project in the future.

→ Nikon Japan made a lot of personnel changes in the directors and officers level (more information available here).