Meet The Oak Bottle

Oak is a mighty wood among humans. We build our homes out of it. We craft our wooden boats out of it. We make furniture with it. But, most importantly, the mighty oak has given us the ability to age our booze to perfection, giving everything from fine wine to better whiskey that lovely oak flavor. Still, oak aging is kind of a pain if you’re not running a distillery, which is where the Oak Bottle panerai replika uhrenshines.


The Oak Bottle With Results

At $75 for a full-sized container, the Oak Bottle is more likely to stay the toy of cocktail fans and people who really, really want to improve Three-Buck Chuck. But it’s a clever idea, and it brings the idea of oaking your spirit, especially for breweries and wineries, a little closer to reality. Besides, it looks neat, and let’s face it, with cocktail toys, looking good is half the appeal.

Oaky Notes

The Oak Bottle just speeds this process along with that high school equation you remember, surface area divided by volume. Essentially, there’s so much surface area, and little enough alcohol, that the process can be sped up. Not only sped up, in fact, but repeated; you can just wash the Oak Bottle out and use it again.

The Oak Bottle is summed up in the name, really. It’s a bottle, it’s made of oak, it’s charred on the inside, and you put anything you want to oak age into it, whether you want to elevate cheap whiskey or add something to a cocktail.

See, oak aging works by pulling a swap of sorts on the chemical level; as a spirit ages in the barrel, the various chemicals in the booze interact with the various chemicals in the wood, forming new compounds and leeching out sugars and other good stuff into the liquor.