How to Best Choose a Surveillance Camera Lens

When researching video surveillance cameras, then you will soon realize that the lens a camera is extremely important for the kind of video you would like. If it comes to choosing the sort of camera lens you need, do you know the most essential components to look at?There are generally 3 kinds of lenses – standard, wide angle, and telephoto. A wide angle lens can’t catch fine details, though, since it is not designed to focus in on small or close-up items. One technical kind of wide-angle cameras is fisheye or panoramic.For a close-up video, you’ll need a telephoto lens. A telephoto lens is a long-focus lens, and are going to have the ability to concentrate on one particular area; this enables it to capture something, say a license plate, by a distance but will not provide an over-all view of the parking lot.Another lens choice to listen to are distant attention lenses – this will make it possible for you to automatically focus the camera lens without physically adjusting it.So how can you know which kind of lens to choose? Prior to buying the camera, choose what you want to do using it. If you’d like a camera which could provide a view of the whole parking lot, you know to just look at wide angle cameras. If you would like to capture fine details from a distance, restrict your search to telephoto lens cameras. This can help you concentrate on just the security cameras that will meet your surveillance goals.

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