Great news: you can now repair some Nikon grey market cameras at third party US repair facilities


The D7100, D610, D800, D810 and D4s DSLR cameras were recently added to Nikon’s list of bodies that are authorized for repair in the USA by Nikon authorized third party repair centers. This means owners of grey market bodies now have a means for servicing them in the USA. A reader already checked with the two largest repair centers (APS and C.R.I.S.) and confirmed that both have been supplied with all the necessary info/certification/parts for work on the mentioned models and that both will work on grey market bodies. There are currently 8 centers authorized to work on the D4s and 7 on the D810 – you can see a listing of them on this Nikon page (first select category, model and then you see the list of available repaid facilities):


There could be more models that are eligible for this new service outside of the official Nikon repair facility – if you see any that I missed, please list them in the comments section and I will update this post.

The only bad news here is that together with canceling many rebates, the prices of grey market Nikon cameras have been going up in the past few weeks probably as a result of the Kumamoto Earthquake.