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Rolex deep-sea pictures with Nikon d3100 + 18mm -55mm Vr lens , Good pictures ?

Here is few pictures i take with Nikon d3100 , just try to good pictures , let know what you say. So cheap dslr cameras, i think it shoot good [...]

Digital Photography – The Importance of Post Processing

brownie camera
Some photographers may still shoot photos on film – there are those who still make Daguerreotypes – but capturing images using some kind of electronic [...]

Reviewing Replichrome III

Introduction Totally Rad have released the third installment of their ever increasing saga of film replication software packages. “Archive” emulates [...]


Today we have digitalized everything including DSLR cameras. This allows us to practice, practice, practice at no additional cost. Over ten years ago, I got my [...]

Introducing On1 Perfect Photo Suite 9.5

Introduction Perfect Photo Suite is an all-in-one photo editing suite from OnOne that incorporates Effects, Resize, Layers, Enhance, Browse, B&W and [...]

Take A Look At The MacPhun Intensify Pro

Introduction MacPhun’s new app, Intensify Pro, is designed exclusively for those with Mac computers. It is available in two different versions - a [...]

Meet The Oak Bottle

Oak is a mighty wood among humans. We build our homes out of it. We craft our wooden boats out of it. We make furniture with it. But, most importantly, the [...]

Skarp Razor Claims to Cut Hair with Lasers

Ladies and gentleman, it’s time to talk about laser razors. Yes, both the “laser” and the “razor” parts of that are accurate, all because a little [...]

How To Make A Time Lapse Video With A DSLR

When you have a DSLR, you must desire to take some beautiful photos and awesome video. Indeed, if you want to make a time lapse video by use of your DSLR, we [...]

Introducing The Smart Dojo Monitors Home Network

Dojo Labs has been developing smart technology for a while now, but has finally decided to launch its venture and open preorders for the Dojo, a rock-like [...]