Phone Review

An Simple Introduction of HTC 10 Camera

Introduction The camera has a variety of different modes, including fully automatic as well as a “pro” mode which allows you to adjust certain settings. [...]

HTC has introduced a new smartphone, removing the “One M” brand name

Introduction The HTC 10 follows on from the HTC One M9 and features a 12 million “UltraPixel” rear camera which has an f/1.8 26mm fixed length lens. HTC [...]

Closer Look At LG G4

Introduction The LG G4 is a new smartphone from the company, which promises some very interesting specifications for its inbuilt camera. It has a 16 million [...]

Reviewing Samsung Galaxy S6

Introduction There’s also an improved, wide-angle front-facing camera to capture group shots without a selfie stick, and the 5.1-inch Super AMOLED [...]

The Huawei P9 Features A Dual Camera Set-up

Introduction There has since been doubts cast on the exact involvement of Leica, but none-the-less the Leica branding is found on the back of the P9. Both [...]