Canon EOS-5D Mark III – Best DSLR Camera for Wedding Photography

Canon EOS-5D Mark II

Looking for a new DSLR body for wedding photography? Whether you’re a veteran looking to stay competitive at the cutting edge of digital photography or an aspiring wedding photographer looking for their first camera, the sheer number of options to choose from is daunting.

Fortunately, the decision making process is much easier if you know what you’re looking for—it’s all about striking a balance between low noise, high ISO and fast shutter speeds. Since you’ll be shooting indoors, you want a higher ISO which will allow you to shoot better in low light.

Canon EOS-5D Mark II

The Canon EOS-5D Mark II sports dual card slots and mRaw mode allowing you take a high volume of shots throughout the wedding. With off-center cross type autofocus (AF) points and a durable weatherproof body the 5D Mark III is an excellent main for any wedding photographer.

The amazing Canon EOS-5D Mark III is a staple among wedding photographers who chose to stick to the Canon family of cameras and lenses. Canon’s full frame body comes with a large 22.3 megapixel CMOS sensor, DIGIC 5 image processor with enhanced noise reduction, and an expanded ISO range of 100-256,000 for amazing low light photography.