Best Canon DSLR Cameras

Whether you’re an enthusiast looking to become a pro or you just want a camera that shoots higher than your expectations, you can’t go wrong with a Canon DSLR. The brand offers a laundry list of models at different price points, but if you’re looking for the best of the best, you’ve come to the right place.

Our camera experts have spent countless hours in our state-of-the-art labs testing every Canon DSLR on the market to figure out which deserve a spot in our top five. You’ll have to spend a little extra to get the performance these cameras afford, but it’ll be well worth it when you look back on the beautiful images and videos you’ve captured.

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9.3 score Tested by Experts

Canon EOS 5DS

Canon’s 5D series has long been a go-to for professionals across the globe. The 5DS takes what we love about the 5D Mark III and upgrades it with new, faster processors and a 50-megapixel full-frame sensor. But while its increased resolution will be a boon for studio and landscape shooters, this isn’t the filmmaker’s dream that previous 5Ds were. If still photos are your game, this is the pro-grade DSLR to beat.

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Amazon $3,399.00 Buy
Best Buy $3,599.99 Buy $3,599.00 Buy

Canon 7d mk2 design hero

29.1 score

Canon EOS 7D Mark II

This is a camera geared towards chiefly advanced shooters and professionals in need of an affordable, compact DSLR with pro-style features. It has the build quality and durability of a prosumer camera and the autofocus system and extensive control that only Canon’s top-shelf DSLRs offer. If you’re serious about shooting sports, news, or wildlife, the 7D Mark II is a great first choice for breaking into the industry.

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Amazon $1,299.00 Buy
Best Buy $1,299.99 Buy
PCNation $1,299.00 Buy
42nd Street Photo $1,149.00 Buy

Canon rebel t6s review design hero

38.6 score

Canon Rebel T6s

Canon’s Rebel lineup was stuck in time for the past few years, but that’s changed thanks to the new T6s and T6i. The two DSLRs have the same 24.2-megapixel image sensor, providing a boost to image quality over past Rebels. The T6s goes furthest, adding a second control dial and a status LCD. The result is a camera that’s beginner-friendly, but also a great stepping stone on the path to a true professional DSLR.

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Amazon $849.00 Buy
Best Buy $849.99 Buy
42nd Street Photo $689.00 Buy

Canon 70d design hero

48.5 score

Canon EOS 70D

Transcending the typically dull Rebel line, the 70D is a great DSLR for intermediate shooters, blending excellent still image quality with world-class video features. The real star here is Dual Pixel autofocus, which provides quick, smooth autofocus during video recording. For a hobbyist who wants a durable, control-rich, user-friendly camera that can tackle video and stills with aplomb, it’s a fantastic choice.

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Amazon $899.00 Buy
Best Buy $899.99 Buy
42nd Street Photo $739.00 Buy
Target $899.99 Buy

Canon rebel t6i hero

58.0 score

Canon Rebel T6i

The T6i is the first time Canon has updated performance on the Rebel line in some time. A new sensor and processor breathe new life into the series and bring it up to par with other cameras in its class. While it isn’t the best in its price range, it provides beginners an easy to use option that isn’t intimidating. Solid burst speed, good video quality, and great handling round out an attractive mid-range package.

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Amazon $749.00 Buy
Best Buy $749.99 Buy $749.00 Buy