80-millionth Canon EOS camera produced (yes, you read that number correctly)

by Jeremy Gray


Canon announced today that they have produced their 80 millionth Electro Optical System (EOS) interchangeable-lens camera. Beyond being an acronym, EOS is also the name of the Greek goddess of the dawn. A new dawn was upon the camera industry when in March of 1987, Canon introduced their first EOS-series camera.

By 2007, Canon had produced 30 million EOS-series cameras. The 40 million milestone was reached in 2010, with 50 million coming shortly after in October of 2011. Another year later, Canon reached the 60 million milestone. It took Canon until February of 2014 to hit the 70 million mark and nearly another two years to reach today’s very impressive 80-millionth EOS camera milestone.


The lucky camera that was number 80 million was a Canon EOS 5DS R, Canon’s highest-resolution EOS camera along with the EOS 5DS. While there has been a slight slowdown over the past few years in the number of EOS cameras that Canon has been producing, they have maintained the number one share worldwide in the interchangeable-lens digital camera market during the twelve-year period from 2003 to 2014. Also, this June, Canon announced the production of their 110-millionth EF-series interchangeable lens, which is the current world record for the most interchangeable lenses produced.

(Mostly) steady as she goes. Canon’s EOS-series production has continued to ramp up at a roughly constant rate since reaching the 30 million mark in 2007.Lucky number 80,000,000, a Canon EOS 5DS R.

For more information on Canon’s very impressive accomplishment, see the press release here.