5 of the Best Compact System Cameras for Travel

photographer taking photos in the city

Want to have a trip?  You need a great camera that will allow you to capture every second of it.

There are many things to consider when choosing a camera to take with you on your travels, what you need is something that produces quality images but is lightweight and compact.

Compact system cameras, or mirrorless cameras are a great option. Compared to DSLRs, these cameras are more compact because they don’t have an interior mirror.

In compact system cameras, light hits the image sensor directly. The image sensor provides a digital preview of the image on the LCD screen or through the viewfinder.

These are some of the best compact system cameras that will make the perfect addition to your travel kit.

Nikon 1 J5

The Nikon 1 J5 is ultra-portable. It weighs only 231 grams, but doesn’t sacrifice image quality and performance.

It offers 20.8 megapixels and a one-inch sensor size. For those travelling alone, it’s 3-inch flip LCD screen allows you to capture the best selfies.

This camera also lets you capture high quality video with 4K video recording. This is a great addition for the camera’s affordable price.

canon eos m3

Canon EOS M3

The Canon EOS M3 is perfect for the photographer who wants a reliable camera that is light enough to take on outings. It weighs 366 grams and won’t let you down.

It’s a smaller version of Canon’s EOS DSLRs. But it still has a large sensor which gives you 24.2 megapixels to work with.

It has a 3-inch touchscreen LCD, that lets you tilt and flip for better viewing. It even has Wi-Fi and NFC meaning you’ll be able upload photos from your travels straight to social media.


Fujifilm X-T10

The X-T10 is retro chic and perfect for those photographers who value quality and cool aesthetics.

Coming in at 381 grams, it won’t take up much space in your camera bag, leaving plenty of room for other key travel accessories.

The X-T10 features a high resolution electronic viewfinder. It has an expandable sensitivity range, from ISO 100-51200.

It offers HD video recording, and Fujifilm’s X-Trans sensor is something special. It uses a randomized pixel array meaning your images will have the best clarity and sharpness.

photographer taking photos of scenery

Olympus OM-D E-M5 II

The OM-D E-M5 Mark II interchangeable lens compact system camera is a great travel option. Its sleek design holds some fantastic features.

It’s splash-proof, dust-proof and fool-proof exterior means it’s rugged and perfect for adventure.

It’s 3-inch LCD touchscreen tilts and swivels. This means you’ll be able to see what you’re shooting no matter the angle you’re holding the camera.

It shoots HD videos, and has an advanced 5-axis stabilisation system so you won’t always have to lug around a tripod.


Sony Alpha A7 II

The Sony Alpha A7 II offers 24.3 megapixels and a 35mm full-frame CMOS sensor. The huge sensor and ISO of 50 to 25600 means you’ll be able to capture amazing photos at night.

It has an ergonomic grip so you’ll be able to spend your days shooting in comfort.

It’s fast autofocus and 5-axis image stabilisation will mean you’ll get quality photos as standard. And you’ll be able to share them instantly using its built-in Wi-Fi connectivity and NFC.